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QA Consulting is a leading provider of Consulting Services to commercial and financial organisations and Government departments.

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We excel in recruiting, training and supplying our own specialist consultants.

We operate a set of unique customer enablement programmes in which we provide industry leading capability in prominent Digital, Middleware, SaaS and Big Data technologies.

QA Consulting

Partners with leading software vendors where in-market skill shortages are apparent and costs are high. We ensure that business solutions are delivered and our customers are enabled and self-sufficient post-delivery.

The QA Consulting Academy

The QA Consulting Academy launched in 2011, focused on recruiting, training and deploying high-calibre Consultants across a range of technologies, with skills that are in high demand with limited availability.

Today, QA Consulting has a rapidly expanding customer base across multiple market sectors and geographies.

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Our cultures & values

Our personal values at QA Consulting include: honesty, integrity and transparency. We apply these values daily when engaging our customers and our team.

We believe hard work, determination and a desire to constantly improve is critical to the success of our business and our customers.

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