Specialist Graduate Consultants.

One off end to end hiring model designed to rapidly scale your technical capability by on-boarding fully trained talented consultants.

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Our Accelerated end to end intelligent recruitment solution is designed in collaboration with you to rapidly scale your capability with the best talent.

Via a one off cost hiring model our accelerated RPO solution will improve your organisation’s recruitment process. We take ownership and deliver talent attraction campaigns, candidate assessment, selection and bespoke technical training as a cost effective alternative to the traditional recruitment approach.


Fast track talent

Accelerate the on-boarding of new full time talent into your organisation

Fixed cost of hire

QA consultants are employed through a single cost of hire

Removes hiring complexity

We run resourcing campaigns tailored to your delivery needs, ensuring and assuring the right personalities, skills and capabilities

Rapidly scales delivery teams

We can augment and scale your delivery teams quickly, enabling you to meet key business deliverables and requirements

Geographical flexibility

QA Consultants are available for deployment throughout the UK, removing any regional resourcing challenges

Fully trained consultants

Project ready consultants who are trained and certified prior to joining your organisation.

Accelerate Programme

Trained in our award-winning world class QA Academy, we develop and tailor technical learning pathways aligned to your specific requirements ensuring consultants deliver value and return on investment from day 1 of deployment. Through this Accelerated approach you are able to address your digital skills gaps across Cloud, DevOps, Big Data and Software Engineering at a speed unmatched by your competitors.

The Programmes

QA Consulting provides compelling programmes with our client’s talent development and project self-sufficiency at the core of our delivery model. It provides the flexibility that allows scaling up and down in line with project requirements.

Through a collaborative approach to the programme design, QA Consultants benefit from a world-class learning programme that begins with a 12 week intensive academy and extends throughout their career with us.

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