Computer Science salaries: what can you earn

Computer science graduates are a hot commodity with their employment prospects being more promising than other degrees. So, why are parents trying to reduce their childrens time on laptops and smartpones? Surely they should be encouraging it!

There is no shortage of data, reports and surveys stating that people who have computer science degrees, along with the right technical skills, can expect some of the highest salaries of any field of study. Why not have a look at the 50 highest paying jobs in computer science.

So why is this?

It’s quite simple. Effectively every company is becoming a technology company and the shortage of tech skills is becoming an issue - it’s known as the digital skills gap. That’s why software developers, IT consultants, web developers and many more IT professionals are in high demand.

Not as easy as it looks though…

Although taking this degree seems a no brainer, to gain these high salaries you still need the latest skills that Universities don’t teach you.

The digital skills gap is apparent in today’s market and employees are looking for IT consultants with niche high in-demand technical skills which unfortunately Universities don’t always teach.

So, if a computer science salary looks good to you you’re making a wise choice - just make sure you leave University with a plan on how to get the right skills to make yourself even more desirable to employees.

At QA Consulting, we offer training in niche technologies and then get you out into the real world, working for some of the most recognisable organisations in the UK. 

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