Expanding facilities to cater for increasing growth

We are delighted to announce the opening of two new offices in Brighton and the Midlands to cater for the increasing growth of our business.

Just over a year ago, on 8 September 2015, the NETbuilder Academy was acquired by QA to form a new division: QA Consulting. It has been a sensational year; almost every metric that is used to measure growth and performance has at least doubled. 

We have seen unprecedented growth at the Academy, bringing in increasing numbers of fresh face graduates all looking to get set on their way for a prosperous career in IT consultancy. We have seen growth across all departments of the business, expanding existing teams and also investing in new teams such as our Partnerships team. To cope with this growth, in the past three months we have expanded the Academy in Manchester, opening a new floor to allow us to train even more consultants at any given time.

Today (26 September) we open the doors to our new Brighton office to accommodate the increasing growth of the southern-based commercial team.

Over the past two years the sales, marketing and recruitment teams have tripled in size, meaning the existing office in Worthing was no longer a sustainable option. To satisfy this growth QA Consulting needed to expand our facilities, and City View is the perfect solution.

With easy travel links to key locations, and large amounts of space to cater to our expanding team, the new office will enable our commercial team to better pursue new opportunities in the market and provide QA Consulting with a southern-base that is big enough to cater for the forecasted growth of the company for years to come.

Tony Lysak, MD of QA Consulting, said: “With our commercial team expanding threefold over the last two years it was time that we found a new office space that was in line with where we want to take the company. The new Brighton office will allow us to fully embrace a new working culture and help to drive the business further."

A new delivery centre in the Midlands will also be opened for business on the 3 October. With the growing presence of QA Consulting on-site at a major account, the business needed to expand its facilities to create a suitable delivery centre. The delivery centre, at over 6,000 sq ft, will provide office space for over 70 consultants, enabling QA Consulting to successfully deliver large scale projects for our customers, without the need for the customer to cater for the large number of consultants on their premise.

Tony Lysak continues: “QA Consulting is at the point where in order for us to successfully deliver large scale projects we need to invest in additional facilities to act as delivery centres. This is an incredibly exciting time for us.”

If you are interested in joining the commercial team contact us here. We are always looking for talented graduates who want to kick-start an exciting career in IT consulting - for more information on our IT graduate programme check out the QA Academy website.

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