Microsoft allows YOU to become a tester by opening Xbox preview program to everyone!

In recent article on the coolest jobs in tech our top job was ‘Computer Games Tester’ - who wouldn’t want to get paid for spending time playing the latest video games before they have even come out!

Well, now you can become a tester with Microsoft!

Microsoft are revamping how to gauge player satisfaction on Xbox One by relaunching its feedback program at Xbox Insider Hub, and making it open to all!

Emily Hanson, Xbox Insider program manager commented: “This new name reflects how we are expanding to offer opt-in opportunities to provide feedback on Game and App Previews alongside System Update previews.”

How to get involved

In 2014 Microsoft launched Xbox Preview Program but it was only open to invited users rather than everyone. It was a brilliant way to “test performance and get a feel for player reception”.

So, if you are already an Xbox Preview Program participant then it’s simple - your Xbox one will automatically download the latest update and you’re set to go.

Alternatively, if this is something you haven’t done before and want to do then follow these quick steps:

  • Head to My Games and Apps on Xbox one dashboard
  • Go to Updates and select Xbox Preview Dashboard
  • Navigate to My Games and Apps and find the new Xbox Insider Hub

Xbox Insider Hub will offer previews of games, apps, new experiences and system updates.

Find out more about Xbox Insider Hub here

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