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Since February 2016 QA Consulting and MuleSoft have been working together in tackling current market challenges including digital transformation, digital disruption and the digital skills gap.

With many companies challenged with how quickly they can be digital ready, the gap between those with the internal skill set required to transform, and those that don’t, continues to widen. Many are struggling to move forward, faster, in offering new services via an omni-channel approach and consequently are in genuine danger of losing their dominant market position to digital first competitors, or, digital disruptors.

With the need to transform of such high importance to established market leaders, QA Consulting has been at the forefront of the digital services market place for a number of years, supporting customer’s skills and capability enablement through delivery.

More recently, through the resulting partnership with MuleSoft, we have been supporting transformation programmes with a number of industry leaders in the UK, including giants in the food retail and energy and utilities sectors. QA Consulting are working on-site with a  leading energy services provider, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation and negate their digital skills gap.

For our customer, the need to accelerate their digital transformation was paramount to staying competitive. In an industry facing increasing pressures for customers to consume services digitally via channels including web, mobile and Smart Meters, manual intervention and traditional consumption of services isn’t sustainable in order to maintain a dominant market positon. Cost reduction, time to market and agility of services are necessary in this new digital world, with API’s seemingly the solution to companies delivering new services with more agility, therefore moving faster to market and staying ahead of their competition.

With increasing pressures from government, competition and end customers, they engaged with QA Consulting with a business requirement of accelerating their digital transformation and building internal capability and self-sufficiency (skills).

Smart meters are seen as the new ‘it’ product in the energy world, allowing energy suppliers to track real time energy consumption, and customers receiving accurate bills without manual intervention and being able to understand their energy usage.

With legislation demanding that as of 2020 every home in Britain will have a smart meter installed (USwitch), they  revaluated their processes and transformed what was once a largely manual, cumbersome and time consuming process for meter installation, management and maintenance, into a streamlined efficient digital process greatly reducing time and driving out inefficiencies.

Using the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, our consultants are developing and configuring an API led Application Network which is automating collection, file generation, and the extraction of Smart Grid meter data. This essentially eliminates the need to manually reach each file and enter the data of each and every asset, saving them significant time and cost.

Another initiative we are engaged in is centred on the ongoing development and release of mobile applications for field operatives. Initially starting as incremental changes to stay in line with SMiCOP regulations, this has since expanded into introducing new features and fixing legacy issues, as and when the business identifies them (thus allowing their organisation to become Agile). Tracking is now available, removing the manual process for stock management by field operatives. This new functionality gives provides the capability to automatically track changes both on device and in cloud, therefore preventing null data being returned by certain sections and preventing data loss when misinterpreted job aborting occurs.

What was once seen as time consuming processes for individuals and teams are now completed automatically through the provision of digital processes, increasing customer satisfaction for our customer while improving efficiency, and reducing costs. 

A future fuelled by digital transformation and finding the skills and expertise that is required to transform effectively is no easy feat. From rapid deployment, to API development and configuration to building your foundational architecture, QA Consulting delivers a proven approach empowering market leaders to realise their investment. The need to transform is now. Move faster with QA Consulting. Don’t become another statistic*.

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