Press release: QA opens new consultancy delivery centre in Telford

An expanding, technical consultancy practice called QA Consulting, which helps organisations such as Siemens, TalkTalk and Fujitsu with their digital skills gaps by providing tech consultants using a unique and cost-effective model, is opening a new consultancy delivery centre in Telford on Thursday 27 October.

This new 6,000 sq. ft software development, projects and IT consultancy centre establishes a midlands-based location supporting clients in the surrounding areas.

Many of the UK’s organisations are experiencing digital skills gaps, where the demand for tech skills such as testers, business analysts, software developers and architects, outweighs the supply of talent. The pace in which technology is moving is faster than organisations can cope with, and the ability for organisations to recruit appropriately trained talent is creating a digital skills gap. This is why QA Consulting is opening their new midlands office in Telford this month, with an official visit from the local Mayor, Councillor Rae Evans.


“We live in a world where digital innovation is essential for every business," said Tony Lysak, MD and Founder of QA Consulting.

"Digital technology is impacting organisations from many directions; marketing, products, processes, infrastructure, which is ultimately driven by customer needs and expectations. Organisations cannot stay still, or they will lose their competitive edge and ultimately customers. Sometimes it is too costly to train staff in new technologies, or it is difficult to source appropriately trained staff in new tech. It’s often not possible to upscale your premises to make way for new talent, especially when the roles are to fulfil a short-term need. We have opened our Telford office to address all of these issues and we are really excited to be working with fantastic organisations within the midlands.”

After recognising this need in Telford, QA Consulting, who invests in sourcing and training the brightest graduates in leading technologies, has recruited 50 consultants to work within the centre, and will have ongoing opportunities available. They have the ability to fast-track the careers of those who have graduated in Computer Science, as well as non-tech backgrounds, for those who are passionate about digital technology.

Councillor Rae Evans, Mayor of the Borough of Telford and Wrekin, commented: “We are thrilled that there is a viable solution to help with the local digital skills gap. It is a hugely positive step to provide local talent with a career opportunity, as well as supporting local organisations to be able to thrive and grow, by utilising the knowledge that QA Consulting brings from their successful new consultancy model.”

In the recent government report named ‘The Digital Skills Crisis’ it stated that over 13% of Computer Science graduates are out of work for 6-months or more after completing their degree. This is partially due to the fact that university students are not always provided with practical skills and hands-on experience as part of their course. This means that they require additional training so that they are employable.

QA Consulting provides an intensive training programme – to fast-track graduates into tech-based careers; not just from technical backgrounds, but also from science, engineering, and mathematics backgrounds, and train them in tech quickly and effectively as part of the QA Academy. This innovative model, which provides a cost effective method of talent acquisition for organisations, has meant that QA Consulting has doubled in size each year for the last three years.

About QA Consulting

QA Consulting is a leading technology consultancy working with commercial, financial organisations and government departments.

We partner with leading software vendors where in-market skill shortages drive high cost of delivery and flight risk (including loss of IP). We excel in recruiting, training and supplying our own specialist consultants to minimise these risks and ensure customer solutions are delivered on time and in scope, and their internal capability is enabled and self-sufficient post-delivery.

QA Consulting is part of the QA Group; which has 30 years’ experience providing world-class training to 80% of the FTSE 250.

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