QA Consulting is training more IT graduates than ever

According to Prospects, employment of IT professionals through to 2020 is forecast to grow at 1.62% per annum, nearly twice as fast as the UK average. As a result, there is an even greater demand for the right people with the right expertise.

For many years IT consulting has been about providing advice and services around big enterprise software solutions and organisations want to speak to people who really understand these technologies.

This is where QA Consulting can help.

 This summer the QA Academy graduate scheme had its 5th anniversary of our first graduate intake. It’s been quite an adventure: moving the Academy from the seaside town of Worthing to the vibrant city of Manchester; joining the QA family; and now quickly becoming one of the fastest growing IT graduate recruiters in the UK.

”Since it's humble beginnings in a small rented office in Worthing consisting of four graduates and a pair of part-time trainers the Academy has exploded with over 250 consultants working for some of the most recognisable organisations in the UK,” - commented QA consultant James Smith, who was one of the first graduates to join the Academy.
“The Academy has shifted from providing training in two niche technologies to over 60 modules tailored to suit individual client needs. Since joining I've had the pleasure of working with a growing number of talented consultants that have used the Academy to fast-track a career in IT.”

With increasing demand for IT consultants in the UK, the QA Academy continues to grow, recruiting more and more science, technology, engineering and maths graduates.

“To satisfy the increase in this demand we had to expand our training facilities based in Manchester’s Media City,” explained Tony Lysak, Managing Director of QA Consulting.
“This means we can now double the intake of high-calibre graduates, allowing 150 people to be trained at any one time to become IT consultants in technologies that are high in-demand but low in supply.”

For information about QA Consulting's graduate programme please visit Or to find out what graduates think about the QA Academy please visit our Glassdoor and the Job Crowd pages.  


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About QA Consulting

We are a leading provider of consulting services to commercial and financial organisations and government departments.  We operate a set of unique customer enablement programmes in which we provide industry-leading capability in prominent DevOps, Big Data, Enterprise Middleware, App and Web Development, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Digital technologies.

We excel in recruiting, training and supplying our own specialist consultants within high demand but low supply specialist technologies. Through the Academy we provide our clients with the resources to help them be at the forefront of their industries.

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