Run don't walk. The pathway starts here

Since the beginning of QA Consulting and Puppet’s partnership at the beginning of 2015, our DevOps practice has gone from strength to strength.

Puppet have been influential in shaping the DevOps movement and they continue to be a dominant force in DevOps space. That being said, Puppet is still seen as a young technology, having been around for only 11 years, and finding skilled and experienced DevOps capability in the market place is a mission in itself.

With many companies ramping up their current DevOps initiatives, investing heavily in the creation of internal DevOps practices; if you don’t want to be left behind, the need move quickly is now. Run don’t walk. The pathway starts here. 

QA Consulting are working with multiple high profile companies to increase their visibility to the state of development, test and production activities. Providing them with skilled and experienced consultants to transform their internal DevOps practices to automate everything faster than ever before.

Since the end of 2014 we have been engaged with a large central government body, creating and running an automated configuration-as-code environment that allows development teams to push code to repositories and trigger automated build, test and deployments. What started with a small inexperienced team, has now grown to a 20+ DevOps practice with the help of QA Consulting.

The main challenge they faced was how to create automated, reliable deployments of their application components and the necessary infrastructure. We identified the need to implement DevOps practices and techniques that would allow them to develop their applications faster in order to meet their tight deadlines. We were able to help them develop faster by implementing automated build, test and deployment pipelines. Migrating their applications to a container infrastructure, allowing them to develop faster by reducing deployment times, and eliminating snags and software compatibility issues migrating from environment-to-environment. 

Alongside this our consultants then created and now manage their cloud infrastructure using Terraform, this has and continues to, minimise their hosting costs, destroying test environments outside of their usage period, and automatically regenerating them when needed. This has provided them with greater control of their infrastructure & enables them to manage changes safely, with minimal disruption. Since engaging with QA Consulting they have seen fewer infrastructure related bugs and their DevOps practice has flourished as a result.

There is an unfulfilled workforce that needs to be addressed in not only the DevOps community, but across the entire technology landscape, and in order for companies to make their way along their path to a better future there is an increasing demand for skills and expertise, and that is where QA Consulting can help. From the starting gate, to crossing the finish line, we have the experience to see your DevOps journey throughout its entire lifecycle.

To find out how QA Consulting can help your company navigate the path to a better future contact us.

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