The Engine behind the Service Revolution

Since late last year QA Consulting and ServiceNow have been working together to minimise the impact of the service revolution across enterprises in the UK.

Originally focused on IT Service Management the Platform now boasts capability across more than just one business function across your enterprise.  With rapid growth, massive expansion and unlimited capability comes challenges.  As a result and a slightly different approach to partnership with ServiceNow has meant customers now find themselves enabled to do more.

QA Consulting are accelerating organisations capability by providing certified skilled consultants to market who are delivering continuous service improvements. Transformations have begun and customer expectations are being exceeded. One of the areas QA Consultants have been keen to focus on is governance and best practice, a key component to the further development of the platform.

ServiceNow have successfully managed to disrupt the IT service and support management vertical, overtaking legacy players such as BMC, CA, and HP to become the market's leading vendor, and as a result the demand for IT professionals with these relevant skills has significantly increased, however, availability has remained in short supply. QA Consulting are at the forefront of this revolution and an engine behind it successfully propelling it forward.

Fujitsu were experiencing similar problems to many other companies in the market, experiencing rapid growth across their European SaaS practice, and needing to build their capability to be able to better service their customers, the shortage in the market meant that Fujitsu were struggling to build their internal capability, and so were heavily reliant on external and expensive contractors, which wasn’t a sustainable solution in the long run.

For Fujitsu, QA Consulting were able to quickly mobilise a team of ServiceNow certified consultants to work alongside the incumbent Fujitsu SaaS delivery team. From simple day to day tasks such as ensuring the platform is functioning smoothly, creating/ modifying business rules, creating and editing forms and workflows, to the more complex tasks and projects such as integrating new systems into the platform, configuring new IT help desks and using programmes such as Transform Maps to complete bulk imports into the configuration management database (CMDB). Our consultants have become Fujitsu’s first responders, enabling them to operate faster and become more scalable than ever before.

The new age of service is now, and a future fuelled by service needs focus, skills and expertise. This is no small task. From delivering continuous service improvement, to driving enterprise transformation and implementing programme governance, QA Consulting’s proven approach and best practice enables our customers to realise their investment in the platform whilst providing them with the foundations to exceed their customers’ expectations.

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