The QA Symposium welcomes you to the world of DevOps

At the 2016 QA Symposium we learnt a lot about DevOps from our technical lead David Wilcox. The session was designed to give an overview of some of the key themes in the DevOps movement today and to introduce consultants to the cultural changes needed to implement DevOps practice. The session was largely focused on demonstrating the software which now forms the DevOps toolset in 2016.

Session  1. Containerisation

Up first was the ‘Containerisation’ session which gave an introduction to Docker and demonstrated how Docker containers are lightweight, portable, easily written, easily built and extensible.

An introduction to the container orchestration framework Kubernetes was also provides and it was shown how easy it is to provision a Kubernetes cluster in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Kubernetes concepts of deployments, pods and services were detailed and an example application deployed to the AWS cluster. This was used to demonstrate how Kubernetes can provide discovery, health checking, replication and storage management what? Tools or something.

The consultants attending the session were encouraged to consider how this is also a philosophical change in managing servers and David described how container orchestration frameworks allow servers to be treated like ‘cattle’ rather than ‘pets’. He then went onto explain how, although getting to this state can require work upfront, there are many advantages to being in this position.

To end the Containerisation session a reflection was given on how containerisation fits in with other tools in the DevOps suite, such as more traditional configuration management software, and which solutions best fitted different scenarios consultants have faced.

Overall the presentation covered a wide-range of themes, encompassing the most important trends and tools in DevOps today, and seemed to be enjoyed by all who attended. We certainly learnt things we didn’t know!

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