what is an IT Consultant?

When searching for jobs I bet you have seen many adverts for 'IT Consultant' and wondered 'what is an IT Consultant?' ... you may have even applied to be one. Very simply, this is what it is:

In an old corporate structure a computer technician and a systems analyst were two very different jobs. A Systems Analyst has a high-level view of issues that a business may have with their technology. The Systems Analyst will often be the liaison between the client and the technicians - reinforcing the cliche that talented technicians lack certain social skills.

Software Developers traditionally don’t have interaction with clients. They repair a
nd maintain computers and servers along with building and configuring new hardware.What is an IT Consultant

As technology has advanced and most companies are essentially becoming ‘IT companies’ the more valuable assets to a company are both systems analyst and software developers. And, that’s the role. They advise, plan, design and install IT systems for their clients.

Having these three job skills mixed into one makes IT Consultants very valuable to companies - they don’t just perform the high-level administrative tasks; they do the actual work whilst interacting with the client. And, without the high-level view of a qualified systems analyst, many computer technicians will blindly mess with computers, and even if they successfully fix the problem they may not see the benefits of doing things another way.

So, what roles does a typical project include?

  • Consulting employees from different parts of the company
  • Getting requirements and defining project objectives
  • Making recommendations
  • Designing, installing and testing new systems and software
  • Fixing any bugs that arise during this process
  • Presenting information to the client
  • Writing reports and documentation
  • Repairing any computer problems and viruses
  • Training users on the system

All in all, this job role is varied and interesting. Your career will never become dull with everyday being different and continuous learning, alongside having exposure to a wide variety of clients.

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