5 Traits a great IT Consultant must master

Today we explore 5 traits great IT consultants are Jedi Masters at.

Most of these skills and behaviours can be learned by experience, others not so much. But need not to worry! Today I’m here to help you becoming a proper IT Consultant.

Well… I’ll try.. it’s really up to you though. 

The following traits will make you overall happier at your job, be more productive, effective and ultimately your team mates will adore you.

1. Be flexible

flexible it consultant

A great IT Consultant adapts to new projects, company culture and team mates like a gentle mid summer breeze. 

They join a team, identify roles and skill sets, fit in and get the job done from the get going. Soft skills and technical expertise are key here. Make the most of the social time with team mates to get to know them. Nothing better than working with friends right? Work friends can achieve great things!

2. Be effective (work smart)

smart it consultant

Working smart might be the most important trait you can have. We all know those busy bees who always act like they are unfairly overloaded with work and keep talking about how busy they are… but when it comes to tracking and showing results they disappear into the horizon like a frightened gazelle. I’m having none of that, and neither will your team mates and employers and so shouldn’t you! Check out this info-graphic from Bright Side where they compare Busy people vs Effective people. IT Consultants need to achieve great results very often in a short amount of time. So you need to:

  • Prioritise.
  • Ask for help when stuck.
  • Be a problem solver
  • Be a proactive researcher.
  • Don’t say yes (by default) to everything and everyone.
  • Not let negative people drag you down.
  • Work towards a goal and targets.
  • Focus on end results.

If you add the above to your arsenal you’ll be the ultimate Ninja warrior!

3. Be confident

confident it consultant

In IT, one confident Consultant is worth 10.000 gloomy frightened consultants. If you’ve seen 300 you know what I mean! You’ve got the skills, the expertise, worked in many projects, you have seen many moons! You’ve been exposed to team leaders, BA’s, Project Managers, Product Owners, Stakeholders and you’ve seen that there’s no room for egos and petty nonsense. 

You enter the door, you play as a team and you win as a team. Team and company goals always come first. Your confidence will motivate others. The best IT consultants are confident about their skills and expertise. They expose a natural collaborative leadership.

4. Never stop learning


Your skills and brilliance are what makes you stand out from the crowd. We all know how competitive it is out there to be an IT Consultant these days. You must be in the IT knowledge hub at all times. IT is an ever-changing environment where coding languages constantly rise and gracefully die. So what can we do? You want some tips now don’t you? Yeah I know you do…

  • Use social media to catch up with news and updates
  • Track popularity of upcoming languages, methodologies, tools and so on…
  • Read! Blogs, books, magazines
  • Attend live events, conferences, festivals, seminars…
  • Video tutorials and talks.
  • Document your findings
  • Explore UK tech hubs

Let your peers inspire you and let them be inspired by you!

5. Be social!


We’ve been around for awhile now… at some point we all come across that insular dismissive IT stereotype that although slowly fading is still very very real… It’s a cultural barrier in the IT sector that has to be thorn apart ASAP.

Knowing when to speak and (often more important) when to listen is a trait every IT Consultant should have. Great consultants listen first and speak second. Their primary goal is to help other people and businesses. Build trust by showing your will to help customers accomplish their goals. Great communication skills are key on achieving this.

So… how do you feel about all that?

I know.. this is obviously not a very extensive list. Let’s not even dwell on that. But as long as you’re mindful of these traits you’ll surely craft them as you go along. Embrace them in your practise and you shall succeed!

Also, if you’re looking at expanding your technical and soft skills, at QA Consulting we’ve got a brilliant Graduate Programme that covers all of the above and a lot more (+Free training and accommodation!)


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