Best Practice eGuide: Creating a Centre of Excellence

For most organisations, digital transformation is a work in progress. From the internet of things to big data and predictive analytics, new technologies are providing better ways to manage and deliver services, transact with suppliers and create more efficient internal processes. All this is underpinned by ever-improving – and often cloud based – tools and platforms.

Digital transformation seldom takes place across the board and at a single speed within organisations. In the case of multi-nationals, a transformation project might be implemented in the UK this year and in France or Germany one or two years down the line and overseen by a different set of managers. Equally, functions with­in organisations have their own timelines, dictated by strategic priorities.

All of which creates a management and governance challenge. If an organisation is using a supplier’s tools to transform operations across national boundaries and functions, how can managers ensure that lessons learned by one team are shared and acted upon by those working elsewhere in the business. Equally how can you ensure that good practices are embedded across the board. To avoid constantly reinventing the wheel, centralised governance is required.

The approach taken by Pegasystems, is to encourage organisations to adopt a Centre of Excellence (COE) model as a means to ensure that organisations get the most from its tools. In practice – and in the context of Pega – this means creating a central team of Business Process Management, CRM and Business Domain experts to coordinate business transformation, along with effective governance structures.

In Pega’s view, and it’s one that is shared by us – the Centre of Excellence concept is becoming ever more important, and the role of a QA consultant can be hugely pivotal in creating a CoE. It can provide both highly experienced technical people and thought-leaders into senior Pega CoE roles. In addition, we can supply certified junior consultants who understand Pega and the day-to-day activities needed to make a CoE work and drive value.

In this guide, we will be taking a detailed look at the realities of delivering a Pega project, the role at CoE plays in delivering ROI and continued success.

Download the free eguide.

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