How to make the most out of graduate job fairs

Universities hold graduate job fairs for the sole reason that their students can meet recruiters, find out more about employers and industries, and look for possible jobs. Take a look at our tips on how to prepare for and get the most out of the careers fairs you attend.

Having employees in one place and being able to speak to real people about their opportunities, the industry and what they expect from you is a fantastic opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on. However, to get the maximum benefits follow these tips:

Plan ahead

Time is limited and employees will be approached by a lot of eager graduates.
  • Make sure you check the location of the fair, its opening times and who will be attending.
  • Think about the industry you’d like to go into so you know whether to research a specific industry.
  • Find out about specific job opportunities the attending employees have and decide on the employees you definitely want to visit.
  • Update your CV. Not all recruiters will take your CV at graduate job fairs but it’s good to have updated copies on you that you can hand out if need be!

Do your research

Employees will be busy and your time is limited, so don’t waste time on companies you have little interest in.
  • Visit employers’ websites to find out what they do and what graduate roles they have.
  • Prepare questions to ask recruiters and representatives. These can be about the skills required, the recruitment process and advice.

 Stand out from the crowd

Presentation is key, go smart casual
  • Be confident, enthusiastic and polite.
  • Make sure you know your own skills - what can you offer these employees.
  • Be ready with questions to ask and prepare a mini ‘pitch’ on yourself. It doesn’t have be a hard sell but a good introduction so employees know whether you’re the right fit for them. They don’t want to waste you time!
  • Arrive early - it means the employees you really want to see might not be busy yet
  • Visit your top priority first
  • Don’t go around with your friends - split up! It shows recruiters you are capable and independent.

Don’t forget

Take a notepad and pen to make notes for future reference and to record any useful information.
  • Did you like the organisation and what made you feel like you would like working for them?
  • What makes the company stand out from the crowd?
  • The entry criteria - can you hit their expectations?
  • Note down the name of who you spoke to and their position in the company

At QA Consulting we offer opportunities in IT consultancy and software development. If you are interested in joining an IT graduate programme then we attend graduate job fairs all over the UK. Keep a look out for us at your university!

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