Modernising Traditional Applications with Docker

A big focus for Docker this year is ‘Modernising Traditional Applications’ (MTA).

In April at the DockerCon 2017 the software vendor debuted the MTA program, a program designed for companies who are thinking of moving into the modern DevOps world. It bundles services and Docker Enterprise Edition with hybrid cloud infrastructure from technology partners with the aim being to support enterprise customers in modernising their legacy applications, letting organisations start by transitioning one or more apps to containers, so they can see the benefits of containerisation first hand.

“We think it’ll help us to expand into new customers very, very quickly’ Scott Johnston, COO at Docker stated “To start, for the last 6 months, we’ve been working with existing customers to refine the methodology and tooling and the messaging - and because existing customers already knew Docker, we started at a good place already because they knew the value of containers. But the point of the program in the medium to long run is to expand the market faster”

Immediate Benefits

Although Docker is hoping that new customers who use the service will learn to see this as the first move in a process to eventually streamline their entire IT infrastructure, there will also be immediate benefits:

  • Increased efficiency: Traditional applications are expensive and often times consume most of the budget and time. Users will be able to better use existing infrastructure by increasing app density, as well as streamline deployments and admin tasks to save IT time.
  • Gain Portability: Over time, traditional applications become static and brittle, users will be able to avoid some vendor lock-in and easily move apps from one machine to another without a need to modify code.
  • Improve Security: Containerisation will reduce the attack surface area of existing applications with container isolation.

The MTA Roadshow

Want to know more about MTA? Attend the Docker MTA Roadshow on the 2nd November.

You will find:

  • Informative sessions, demos, practical tips, and useful tools
  • Insights into the MTA program and how to get started
  • A deep-dive into the ROI analysis and making a business case

Find out more information about the Docker MTA Roadshow.

Are you attending the Docker MTA Roadshow? Let’s see how we can work together.

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