The Day in a Life of a QA Consulting Recruiter

​The QA training room is filled with a buzz of excitement and expectation as the candidates begin to take in their surrounding and one another. For the last 3 years QA have been sourcing the brightest and most ambitious individuals at Graduate level to join our Award Winning Academy. This week another set of intellectual hopefuls have made their way to one of our assessment centres with the intention of being offered a place on the programme.

It is 11 am on a bright Thursday morning in Brighton and one of our weekly Graduate Software Development assessment centres is about to begin. The door opens and the eager group flow in and seat themselves, wide eyed around the board room facing one of our senior managers at the front.

Our graduates go through a 12 week intense training programme where they are upskilled in niche technologies before being catapulted into roles within Cyber Security, Big Data, Engineering and many more.

The academy is made up of a patchwork quilt of varying experiences and skill sets. Approached by a range of people with BSC Honours, Masters and Ph.D.’s- the programme offers something new for all those who are interested in fast tracking their career into IT consulting. This underpins how no two people on the programme are the same and everyone has something different to bring to the table. Building relationships early on with these candidates is at the heart of what we do. We know that finishing university can be a difficult and challenging time with a range of potentially appealing opportunities at your finger-tips.

We want our grads to know that when they secure a spot on our academy they are apart member of the QA family. Our esteemed mentors offer 3 months of training to get them to the highest calibre of consultants they can be before working on client site. We want to work with IT and STEM grads who are hungry for success and experience with our amazing clients. We want to armour them with a full and varied skill-set to enhance their portfolio and value to the market.

It is the ultimate reward to go through the motions with a candidate from that initial phone call to talk about their experience and where they want to go next in the career, to watching them pass their interview and starting academy life, only to be offered a dream role with a worldwide organisation at the end. This is what QA is all about and why we are so proud to play a part in the Academy selection process.

Some of my candidates previously haven’t even heard of QA or even know what we could offer or what they themselves were capable of until coming along to meet with us.

I truly believe, as do the majority of the candidates I have placed, that QA is a key to the door of the IT consulting world.

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Author: Alex Christie

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