Top 10 tech hubs in the UK

Looking to start a career in technology? Why not take a look at the 10 most popular tech hubs in the UK and what they can offer you.

10. Cambridge

After a long push inspired by Silicon Valley, Cambridge is now known as Silicon Fen for the number of technology companies based there and has become the pride of the U.K. tech industry. Roughly 57,000 people work at more than 1,500  local tech firms, according to the estimates from the University of Cambridge, which has helped the tech industry along.

9. Newcastle-upon-tyne

Since the millennium things have changed in Newcastle, it’s no longer about coal, but code. Newcastle-based tech hub, Campus North, has been named the Best British Workplace 2016.

“Newcastle has always been strong in terms of technology. It’s where the trains were invented, street lights were invented. Interestingly, like Manchester, it’s where the Industrial Revolution happened” explains Paul Smith, director of Ignite100.

8. Nottingham

Mark Sanders, the CEO of Accelerate Places, is involved in a multi-million pound investment to create a tech hub in Nottingham that hopes to rival London’s Silicon Roundabout.

Accelerate will be home to 265 people working in digital technology businesses. Sanders says "What we have created here is something Nottingham has been crying out for – a space dedicated to helping the next generation of technology businesses exploit the opportunities presented by an accelerating digital revolution.

7. Leeds

Leeds is an increasingly attractive destination for technology companies and workers. There is an ever-growing number of high quality tech vacancies and a competitive salaries.

Leeds was also launched at one of the two pilot ‘Sharing Cities’, the other being Manchester, last year the government announced that a third high-speed rail network (HS3) between Leeds and Manchester would help to join up the northern tech clusters.

6. Edinburgh

Edinburgh tech hub

In the last 1o years the tech sector in Edinburgh has grown rapidly. The city is home to a wide range of companies from major companies such as Amazon and Microsoft to home grown companies such as SkyScanner.

It has one of the highest concentrations of people working in tech in the UK with 17,136 people employed in digital companies.

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5. Bristol

Bristol and it’s surrounding areas are home to the fastest growing digital hubs in the South West of England.

Bristol has always had associations with technology, especially with it’s strong microelectronics industry, and being named the UK’s fastest-growing tech cluster outside of London. It has already given the world ‘Wallace & Gromit’, ‘Concorde’ and ‘Ribena’ and we can’t wait to see what it will create next!

4. Liverpool

By 2020 the technology sector is expected to create more jobs than any other industry, with Liverpool playing a leading role in it’s growth.

Cllr Nick Small, Liverpool council’s cabinet member for employment, stated ‘the digital economy has become an integral part of our country. The rapid growth of many digital businesses has confirmed Britain’s position as a global hub of technology excellence. We are committed to supporting the growth of our digital industry nationwide and Tech Nation shows the great innovation and thriving entrepreneurial spirit that is driving the sector forward across the country”.

3. Birmingham

The iCentrum facility opened in March 2016 to help support the city’s tech startups, and created over 400 jobs.

Sir Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham City Council, stated ‘the iCentrum incubator’s rich mix of entrepreneurship and collaborative activity will be a magnet for an increasingly mobile workforce; it will firmly position us on the UK’s tech map’.

2. Manchester

Manchester tech hub

Manchester is the second most popular place for tech workers seeking jobs. In 2013 and 2014 the city’s technology and communications sector was responsible for £1.9 billion, the highest economic GVA outside London for tech. It employs more than 30,000 digital workers.

Greater Manchester is the biggest single tech-hub in the North. The city’s tech professionals were recently boosted by the move of more than 2,000 BBC staff to Salford.

William Newton, WiredScore UK director, said “What’s happening in Manchester’s tech scene is perfectly in tune with the idea of the Northern Powerhouse. Digital companies are responding to a different world where people no longer sip data, instead they gulp data in large quantities”.

1. London

London tech hub

It’s not a huge surprise that the UK’s capital city is the number one on the list.

With silicon roundabout for tech startups and the likes of Google and Facebook having offices based in London. Drummond Gilbert, founder of explained “I think the area has been growing rapidly for a while but it has recently passed a tipping point whereby people are recognising it as a real cluster”.

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