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My first two weeks of working with QA- My experience

By Angela Yoganathan

Similar to every new job, when I first walked into the office on my first day, I was nervous. At the start of the day the trainers threw in a couple of icebreakers and it was calming, for not just me but everyone! After that, we all split into groups quite easily and the lectures commenced.

First week Lectures:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business modelling
  • Interview theory
  • Balance scorecard
  • Business analysis models
  • Different flowcharts

We were assigned out first case study, NB Gardens. We worked in teams on this project, which really helped when it came to understanding Enterprise Architecture, the processes and gathering issues with the case study.

Second week Lectures:

  • Data modelling processes

As a group we conducted interviews with the employees at NB Garden and gathered solutions for our workshop which formed the base of our presentation. We split the workload and worked on the key areas of the problems.

During the first two weeks I have already picked up a number of skills such as teamwork, communication, time management and I look forward to continuing to develop these skills.

My Journey 

By Mohammed Ali Hussain 

During the first week of training I learned all about enterprise architecture. Here I learnt a number of useful aspects of what makes a good business analyst. We ran through many tasks which illustrated how to engage with clients in a professional manner, through effective communication and presentation. I also learned how to analyse an enterprise in its current state, and breaking down the process when creating a plan to carry out business transformations. This involved analysing the business currently and providing effective ways to communicate the vision the business would be taken in. This involved learning how to create effective business processing models to illustrate business models and effectively communicating how and what changes will be made to which aspects through a visual representation. The entire week served as an extremely informative insight into the foundations of what makes a good business analyst, what clients would expect.

The second week involved learning about competencies of a business analyst. Learning how to manage requirements, change in management’s, strategy management and analysis as well as stakeholder management and delivering a business solution. This week allowed all the learning material from the first week to be put in practice to create a complete business transformation model. This was extremely helpful in thoroughly understanding everything I learned in the first week, and see how it would translate within an actual business case. As well as putting knowledge into practice this week was incredibly useful in self progression, learning how to adapt within a team and how to improve my own presentation techniques. The trainers were extremely helpful with constructive criticism addressing everything from how to portray information to an audience in an easy to understand way, to body languages that would keep clients and audience engaged throughout a presentation. Overall these two weeks have been incredibly useful in learning and progressing myself to become a business analyst.

What I've learnt so far...

By Joy Akinseye

This week we’ve learned learnt how to present proposed ideas to client using relevant business models taught for presenting relevant data. This in turn has improved my confidence as well as my presentation skills.

This week we were taught business cases. In regards to the case study given to previously we created use cases and user stories. This helped to identify the relevant stakeholders in the business, as well as highlight their roles. Additionally, we learnt that use cases are the type of information that would be presented to the technical department.

Overall, this week we learnt how to differentiate the type of information we present to different stakeholder, depending on their role within the business.

Big thanks to the trainers!

By Suleika Mohamed

During week one of the BA Training course we went into depth about what Enterprise Architecture is, how to engage with clients and how to act professionally whilst on client-site. This included tasks like communicating properly within our teams, producing presentations and learning to analyse an enterprise and how to conduct a business transformation. We predominantly used BPMN and UML requirements whilst gathering and analysing.

The training picked up and got more intense during week two. We were taught what it takes to be a Business Analyst, how to manage requirements set by the clients and change management. During this we would use strategy analysis to have a better understanding of the business and stakeholder management, which was demonstrated through a case study.

After two weeks on the BA Course, I have gained so much self-knowledge that has lead to small but great improvements. As the course forces me out of my comfort zone I have gained more confidence. The trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful and it is thanks to them that I have learned so much.

Practice Interviews

By Terry Malcolm 

The second week took us through having interviews with the client to ask questions and find problems in their company. Using the answers, we got from the interview we were able to turn our assumptions of problems to be true or not. We then began to make technical solutions to these problems and did a workshop were we presented our individual solutions and then collectively as a group picked out the solutions we would keep. We then took these solutions and made them into a presentation which we would present in front of the client titled ‘To be’ which was based on the proposals we would make to the client.

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