Consultants, Software Developers and University students combine to showcase their AI skills in QA’s London AI Hackathon event!

We decided a Hackathon was the perfect playground for discovery, where participants had the opportunity to get to know each other, learn and do something a bit different!

QA Consulting wanted to bring our Consultants, Software Developers, University students and anyone with a general interest in AI together to give them a platform to be brilliant!!! So, on Saturday, we hosted our first Artificial Intelligence Hackathon held at QA’s London International House Training Centre.

Once everybody had grabbed a coffee and got to know one another, we kicked off the event with a brief introduction from John Gordon, Head of Training at QA Consulting. This was followed by a fantastic AI overview by Michael Burgess – QA’s Principle Technologist in Machine Learning , which set the scene perfectly for the day ahead.
Next, Hack teams were assembled, and these teams quickly settled down to produce brilliance. As planning took place, mind maps and mock-ups created, milestones defined, and tasks distributed across the teams, it was clear that the hackers were going to give the judges a headache at assessment time. 
The 7 hour hackathon was based around building a novel application for IT professionals, which incorporated some form of Artificial Intelligence into its core functionality. Several amazing solutions were created, including a system that predicted  attrition in a development team, a tool that monitored mood, a self-healing DevOps system and a tool that suggested training for developers. 
However, there was one project that stole the show…a product which could be integrated into a development work flow, to monitor the performance of an engineer.



It was inspiring to see collaboration between team members from different backgrounds, and seeing everyone helping each other out with new technologies and languages. 

The hackathon wouldn't have been complete without the clichés: pizza was ordered for lunch, coding was non-stop for 7 hours and empty bottles of energy drinks were covering the venue!

Overall, it was a great success and if we could have picked 5 winners we would have :).

QA Consulting can't wait to host our next one, so keep your eyes peeled! 

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