QA Consulting partner with Girls Talk London to help bridge the gap

QA Consulting is proud to announce their partnership with Girls Talk London, as part of their commitment towards developing an inclusive and diverse workforce within the tech industry.

Despite the great strides made in tackling gender equality across the employment sector, with Women only accounting for 15% of employees in STEM fields, it is still apparent that women are an underrepresented demographic.

Girls Talk London is a community of women aged between 16 - 30 who are looking for tech careers. They provide a variety of initiatives to support women in the UK with their career development, and excel in connecting women with Influential and Senior Leaders from FTSE 100 businesses. Their aim is to develop their skills and confidence so that they can go on to succeed and be empowered within the workplace.

Vanessa Sanyauke, founder of Girls Talk London, said, "Girls Talk London is extremely excited to be partnering with QA Consulting to connect our graduate and student network with opportunities in Technology. We have a large network of aspirational and talented young women who are studying STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) based subjects and wish to pursue a career in Technology. Our new partnership with QA Consulting allows us to ensure that they have the best chance to succeed by connecting them directly with jobs and specialised events.”

The QA Academy is committed to investing in technology and education, providing Graduates with the skills required to succeed and excel within the IT industry. Girls Talk London has an alumni of 100 plus female students and graduates and a network of over 250 female early careers professionals, this paired with the QA Academy will help propel female careers so they can continue to shape the future of technology.

Stuart Martin, Managing Director of QA Consulting said:

"We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Girls Talk London. QA is a strong believer that a fully inclusive and diverse workforce should be the norm for the modern day successful business. We look forward to working closely with Girls Talk London to help accelerate the IT careers of more females within the tech industry."

About Girls Talk London

Girls Talk London connects women with Senior leaders in FTSE 100 businesses and influential individuals to empower them to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in their lives and in the workplace.

They work with global businesses and brands to create live and online experiences for women that include events, masterclasses, seminars and festivals.

Girls Talk, also have a popular online talk show that provides a platform for women to discuss trending news and host interviews with truly inspiring individuals.

About QA Consulting

QA Consulting is a leading provider of scalable delivery expertise in technology transformation projects for both enterprise and public sector customers. With more than 15 years’ experience of delivering market changing technology talent and solutions, our unique award-winning resourcing and knowledge transfer model provides clients with a sustainable capability to fast-track the development of their mission critical systems.

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