The best gadgets of 2018

We have only been in 2018 for 4 months and can already see people struggling with what smartphone, tablet or TV to buy. Look no further, we are here to help you suss out which new gadget will be the best for you.

Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is priced at £869 and, although it doesn’t look much different to the Galaxy S8 plus, Samsung's hardware design is still ahead of most rivals.

The one feature that stands out the most is the low-light camera. Samsung is raving about this feature and for good reason, on the back of the S9 Plus are dual 12MP cameras, both with an impressive f/1.5 maximum aperture this wide, making it’s low-light prowess second-to-none. If you also add on the ‘infinity’ screen that Samsung Galaxy’s are now well known for, we can understand why this beautiful phone is taking the top spot.

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Laptop: Dell XPS 13

Dell has regularly been voted one of the best laptops over the past 3 years, and in 2018 it hasn’t disappointed. The 2018 Dell XPS 13 has issued a substantial reworking on the new XPS 13, with a new design that cuts down on overall size, adds new CPU options, and improved cooling and efficiency with more heat pipes and thermal insulation.  

Not only this. But it has a beautiful 4K display and a Rose Gold on Alpine White color option.

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Headphones: AKG Y50

You don’t need to spend hundreds on headphones to get a good pair, these boldy brandished headphones that come in red, yellow, teal or black are £69 and great value for money.

The design might not be so typical for AKG headphones, but their sound certainly is. The noise reduction is incredibly effective, and it has been said that people start to notice sounds on songs that haven’t been heard before. They boast a surprisingly clean sound for a moderate price. I

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TV: Samsung QLED Q9FN

I have been buying Samsung TV’s since I can remember, so it was no surprise to me that in 2018 Samsung launched a new 09FN QLED Series of TVs.

As well as being brighter and more colourful than last year’s equivalent model, Samsungs 2018 flagship screens use a completely different lighting system to combat its predecessors contrast problems.  When you throw in technology like HDR10+ and Q HDR EliteMax, it’s no wonder the Samsung Q9FN is one of the best TV’s of 2018 so far.

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Smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 3

The 4G version of the Apple Watch Series is £329 and uses an electronic SIM so you can leave your mobile at home and take calls on your wrist while tracking your walks, runs and cycles through GPS.

The only problem with this watch currently is that in the UK you can only use it if you are with EE. So, who will be changing their mobile phone provider this year?

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Gaming: Cloud Flight

Cloud Flight is the first wireless gaming headset from HyperX. The company may be slightly late to the market, but with a 30 hour battery life and lighting you won’t find on any of it’s rivals, it sure is making a statement.

Considering these headphones are only using two 50mm drivers, no subwoofers, these headphones have a punchy sound and admirable bass that is very impressive, especially when playing action packed games.

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I wonder what the rest of the year will bring...

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