Turning today’s students into tomorrow's tech savvy workers

Just in case you didn’t know, there’s a digital skills shortage and we want to help turn today's students into tomorrow's tech savvy workers!

The digital skills gap goes way beyond just technical skills for technical jobs, it extends to business, marketing and leadership skills in today’s digital world and is causing a number of problems within the UK and worldwide. Moreover, the shortage creates a major risk to business growth, innovation and the broader development of the working population, which in 20 years will see 90% of all jobs requiring digital skills.

The lack of digital skills amongst existing workers is a particular problem for developed economies. Many large, established businesses with large workforces made up of highly skilled workers are unable to adopt the digital technologies that will make their businesses more effective, so one way of overcoming this is to actively turn the students of today in tomorrows’ tech savvy workers.

How can we create tech savvy workers?

We see this in 3-stages…

Education from early years up to higher education needs to provide equal opportunities for all, across all subjects and course, encouraging the take-up of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to provide a level playing-field from which all gain enormous and beneficial career opportunities that are truly rewarding and fulfilling. 

Training on specific digital skills via Academies, further and higher education creates focused learning opportunities that fil specific skills gaps and allows trainees to establish vendor qualifications and certificates to enable them to go into an organisation and makes difference from day one.

Learning and Development inside or external to the workplace is also a requirement to ensure individuals have the skills required now and for the future. This creates a workforce that is fulfilled, equipped, happy and achieving, which in turn provides for improved profitability and growth within business.


Interested in a career in tech or improving your digital skills and wider network?

With a commitment from industry, as well as current and future employees, the digital skills challenge can be tackled. 

Attitudes need to change within families, education, training and industry to realise the benefits of technology and the opportunities available for an extremely rewarding career for the workers of today and the future.

All organisations have tech in some way, this will continue to grow as the pressure continues to create efficiencies and gain competitive advantage. The UK needs a workforce with a variety of digital skills in varying degrees. From entry level hires to the C-suite, being tech and data literate is now part of every job description. 

Digital Transformation, Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are happening now, so getting students ‘work ready’ to combat the skills gap is vital.

As a candidate and an employee, there is a mass of opportunities to gain digital through further and higher education, as well as through digitally focused academies such as QA Academy. Hackathons are also a great route to a career in tech and provide you with the opportunity to get involved in a tech project, connect with like-minded people and gain a foot in the door with potential employers. 

A world of opportunity awaits you in tech, the opportunities to be gained from having digital skills are massive and will be an increasing requirement in the majority of job descriptions going forward.

Bridge your personal skills gap to keep ahead of the game, graduates and skilled workers with IT qualifications currently have their pick of the best ICT jobs, whilst those looking for a career or change of career can take advantage of the initiatives available to make a career leap into tech. By attending a local Hackathon or getting onboard with a world-leading Academy  you can gain a quick and alternative route into a rewarding career.

Like any gap in a market, the digital skills gap presents an opening for smart operators to enter the digital market space ahead of the curve. Act today!

Find out more about QA Consulting, QA Academy and our Hackathon's.


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