Ensuring organisations have access to talent for the digital age.

QA Consulting is on a mission to ensure our clients have access to talent for the digital age; providing the scalable delivery capability in the enterprise technologies of today and tomorrow.

At the time of writing I am four weeks into a new role as Technical Director for QA Consulting, my initial impression. That is some mission!

UK Digital Skills Gap - Having spent the last 15 years or so of my career in the managed service provider space I have been personally frustrated at how hard it was to attract, develop and retain talented individuals. Add in the challenges of budgets, locations, technical advances and timelines and I very quickly realised that a great managed service provider is built by people.

Ironic perhaps that a great managed service provider wins in the market because there is a scarcity of talent. If organisations cannot afford/attract the skilled individuals to support their internal systems they are more like to trust that delivery to a third party (there are of course many other factors in such a decision beyond just skill shortages).

Recruiting Digital Talent

Digital Transformation Strategy - In the last 5 years Digital Disruption and the need for Digital Transformation has started to change the internal IT departments of organisations. The traditional outsource was generally about transitioning and then running the environment for the same or less cost. It was rarely about significant digital transformation.

The trend now is for organisations to leverage an outsource/managed service provider approach for the parts of their environment which are not instrumental to their digital transformation strategy. Any areas that are key to that strategy tend to be kept internal to ensure they can drive their strategy with the required level of control, knowledge and pace.

A recent survey by CIO.com of “The 11 biggest issues IT faces today” puts the skills gap at number 3.

Addressing the skills gap - How do you drive your organisations digital transformation strategy if your internal organisation is suffering a skills gap? There is no single or simple answer to this and the gap is getting wider…by 2022 it is reported that 1.2 million new skilled people will be needed to meet the UK’s requirement.

UK Digital Skills Gap

The QA Consulting Approach – Our approach is to work with organisations to understand their digital transformation strategy (more on this in a later blog) and then tailor our innovative model to enable the recruiting, training and deployment of high-calibre Consultants across a range of technologies, with skills that are in high demand with limited availability. These individuals can come from a diverse range of backgrounds (more on this in a later blog also) and include the clients existing employees, new graduates and existing QA Consulting Consultants. With the option to transfer any QA Consulting Consultants to become permanent employees this approach is fundamentally different to the usual outsourcing/contractor model.

Written by Kevin Linsell

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