My 6 Week experience at QA Consulting

Written by Victoria Sacre

First a bit of backstory about myself; I came from a master’s degree studying Computing with digital media where I experienced coding for the first time. From this my passion for coding developed into a career. However due to my lack of work experience I found myself in a bit of a predicament trying to get employment and in need of training. QA Consulting offered me an opportunity to bridge the experience gap.

Present day I am now experiencing week 6 of my 12-week training and I have learned a lot more about what I am expected to do in the industry as well as gaining technical and presentation skills which will later assist me in the upcoming roles. Some of these technical skills include Java Object Orientated Programming, Databases using SQL and how to set up an Application Programming Interface which links both the Front-end and Back-end of an application.

Although I am learning a lot I have found the assessment were the most difficult part of this process due to the time constraints and the pressure to complete the tasks, however I am improving myself through practicing what I have learned in my spare time.

Throughout working at QA I have enjoyed meeting new people, the atmosphere at the academy, learning new relevant skills that I will use in the industry and experiencing living in Manchester. Although the training is intense, the atmosphere has always been relaxed and welcoming, especially during the Friday social events where the different departments mingle.

Overall my aim is to bridge the experience gap from when I leave university and going into employment, to better my presentation skills and to become a valued member of the team.



Victoria Sacre


Msc Computing with digital Media

Why I'm interested in a career in tech?

My Master’s degree is inspiration for wanting to work in the Tech industry. This gave me an introduction to the industry and coding languages. From this experience my skills and passion grew and I was given the opportunity to share this passion through volunteering.

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