Inspiring the Next Generation of Coders with Teach the Nation to Code

Teach The Nation to Code – QA Consulting partners with Northumbria University and Institute of Coding to help inspire the next generation of coders

QA Consulting (QAC) is excited to announce an extended partnership with Northumbria University and the Institute of Coding – to deliver more of our highly successful Teach The Nation to Code (TTNTC) events.

TTNTC is a project created by QA Consulting with the aim to inspire a new generation of technical talent within the UK. It is a free coding workshop aimed at teaching developer skills to anyone who is interested in a career in tech. Northumbria University is a research-rich and business-focused university with a reputation for academic excellence and impressive graduate prospects. The Institute of Coding, launched by Prime Minister Theresa May at the World Economic Forum in Davos, aims to boost the employability of digital specialists and bring more people from underrepresented groups into the tech sector, which is growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy.

As the world approaches the fourth industrial revolution, the demand for skilled IT workers is only poised to increase. To put this into context, a study by Deloitte (2018) found that only 12% of executives believed employees had enough digital skills, and TTNTC has been founded to help solve this problem.

These free coding events are led by a dedicated team of passionate technologists from QA who want to inspire the future of UK tech talent. QA Consulting Academy Trainer and TTNTC Co-Founder Shafeeq Muhammad has been involved with all our initial 7 events and is one of QA Consulting’s most knowledgeable and charismatic trainers. The feedback on the workshops has been outstanding with Shafeeq’s charm, charisma, style and technical knowledge being sighted consistently from attendees of the TTNTC events.

“We are delighted to be partnering so closely with Northumbria University and Institute of Coding to further extend the reach of our Teach the Nation to Code events” commented John Gordon Director of Academy and Capability at QA Consulting. “Working jointly together, over recent months we have successfully delivered three co-branded TTNTC events in the North East of England. The turnout for these three events has been truly phenomenal with over 110 attendees coming to the workshops to learn basic logic, Python and SQL. We are delighted to now be extending our partnership even further to deliver our next event together in London.”

In conjunction with Northumbria University and Institute of Coding, our next Teach the Nation to Code event is coming up on the 1st and 2nd of June and is taking place in London Liverpool Street. It’s going to be our biggest event to date to with space for 120 attendees. We will be teaching beginners Python. For more information and to sign-up for the event please go to:

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