Why are DevOps Engineers in high demand?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices that automates the processes between software development and IT teams, in order that they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. The ability to ‘Automate Everything’ enables the modern business to accelerate technology delivery projects.

In a nutshell, DevOps takes away the repetitive, boring, frustrating aspects of work to allow employees to focus on key areas of responsibility where they can make a bigger impact through work that is more meaningful, rewarding and positively challenging.

Embracing DevOps can help improve agility, increase revenues, lower costs, and become more competitive. A report on Accelerating Velocity and Customer Value analysed the effect of DevOps on key business metrics to track overall success and found that 81% believe DevOps is critical to successful business transformation – talent for the digital age.

The current state of DevOps

DevOps is currently in high demand with no signs of slowing down. According to the 2018 State of DevOps report analysis showed that­­ organizations using DevOps practices could deploy code up to 30 times faster than their competitors. As companies look at new ways to produce code faster, DevOps is seen as the Holy Grail which will lead them to faster innovation.

It’s no shock that businesses are looking to invest more heavily in DevOps talent and the current demand for DevOps engineers in the market is rapidly increasing. According to leading on line IT news agency Information age, in the last 12 months, demand for DevOps skills grew by almost a third (31%) – significantly jumping up the ranks of the UK’s most popular IT skills.

So, where are all the DevOps engineers?

A recent report by leading IT job board CW jobs shows that the average contract salary for DevOps engineer jobs is £106,836. Despite this very generous salary, it seems DevOps engineers are one of the hardest positions for IT teams to fill and the growing demand has left many employers struggling to fill DevOps vacancies.

According to an article in Fortune magazine you require least five years’ industry experience unless going through an intensive training programme, which creates a shortage of DevOps talent.

How to attract more DevOps Engineers?

  • Look for the right skills – Joe Sanchez, an IT infrastructure and Operations Manager at VMWare talk about 10 keys skills that DevOps engineers should have. He also says that the skills a best-of-class DevOps engineer should have are so diverse that it’s hard to find all of these qualities rolled up into a single individual. Also, let’s not forget that a DevOps engineer needs ‘soft skills’ and should be able to communicate and interact well with others
  • Find the DevOps networks – DevOps professionals often join forums and groups where they can share and develop their ideas. By joining these and adding insightful comments you can create a network of DevOps Engineers.
  • Know your DevOps vision – DevOps usually means different things to different people. This is why it is essential for your business to know your DevOps vision. Maybe it’s a cultural change and you want your employees to work more collaboratively or perhaps your goal is to automate IT processes to speed. Once you know what you are looking for it will be much easier to hire the right person.
  • Grow your DevOps Engineers – Hiring DevOps Engineers isn’t looking to get easier, so one approach would be to partner with training companies and Universities that have DevOps programmes. By using junior talent you have further develop these individuals into full DevOps engineers.

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