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We operate a set of unique customer enablement programmes in which we provide industry leading capability to commercial, financial and government organisations.

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Capabilities categorisation

Enterprise Platforms

Big Data, Cloud DevOps, Analytics and Monitoring

Enabling clients to better exploit cloud and platform technologies, we provide resources and expert services that help businesses pivot to the new paradigms, leverage the benefits that cloud provides and drive huge operational efficiencies through DevOps and new ways of working.

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Enterprise Services

Digital, Application Development, Governance, Cyber Security

With an eye on application development and digital transformation, we work with both established and new innovative technologies that drive customer experience as well as core IT offerings for our clients. We design and build applications with security in mind and can enable your operational, defensive and responsive Cyber Security capabilities.

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Enterprise Integration

Service Management, Process Automation & Decisioning, Middleware

We work with industry leading solutions that support the rapid evolution and deployment of strategic applications; driving process automation through case-centric tools, robotics and real-time decisioning; as well as supporting cloud and on-premise integration across the enterprise architecture.

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